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Fasmagroup was established on the insurance market in 1992, with clear targets. Those were to perform research on the insurance market on account of its customers in order to find trustworthy solutions for their needs, and to release its potential customers from the exclusive placing of the risks concerning them, as applicable, with one or more specific companies. At the beginning, the company operated as an agency, with a team of four insurers and, Giorgos Nikolakos, the main founder and backer, an insurance broker since 1981 and a sales executive for important insurance companies until 1991.

Pointings out

Insurance brokers are the ones that will inspect your installations or property assets and will propose the adequate measures indicating, if needed, adequate solutions through specialized collaborators.

Insurance brokers are the ones that will look to analyze eventual risks and that will assure complete protection for your company and for you personally.

Insurance brokers are the ones that will look to deliver all-inclusive insurance policies.

Insurance brokers are the ones that will look to manage and arrange your loss at the advent of a risk.

Insurance brokers are the ones that will look to keep you constantly updated on the evolutions and tendencies on the international and local insurance market and on the financial status and solvability of the insurance companies with which you are insured.

And finally, insurance brokers are the ones that guarantee the good execution of their services, via an agreement of faults and omissions imposed by the law.

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